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ShizuPictures and ShizuSounds
All the Umbrellas and Spiky Hair you can stand!

Ah, so you want some pictures(and, to a much lesser degree, sounds) of the World's Greatest Amnesiac? Well, that's what this place's here for. ;)



We start off with a gift to Shizumaru Central that was given even before the place was started. ^_^ The lovely and talented Chika's representation of Shizu, only 36 kibbies. (Related note: It turns out good ol' Shizu is Chika's favorite Samurai Shodowner! Of all the coincidences, eh? ^_^)

Next, we have a bloody large screenshot of Slash Shizu's win screen in SS4, for 35 kibbs.
Or, you can look at a much smaller (and much crisper) pic of Shizu's SS4 Bust win screen for 30 kibbies.

A nice picture of Shizumaru standing around, and looking his melancholy self, can be seen in a small(10 kb) or a large(26 kb) version.

A positively BEAUTIFUL black-and-white picture of Everyone's Favorite Amnesiac Demon Chaser can be seen here. 39.5 kibbies, and worth every single byte of it. (In other words, uhm... recommended. ^_^)

Shizu's SS3 Select Screen, 14 kibbies.

A little box with Shizumaru's profile in it, one measly kilobyte.

A large (and quite spiffy, actually) picture of Shizu swinging his umbrella, for a whopping 49 kibbies.
For a smaller version of this picture(which, for some reason, has all the colours changed to shades of red), click here(19 kibbs).

Here's a pic of Shizu's face with Slash form's red hair, Bust form's black hair, Weird-as-hell purple hair, and nuclear-accident-green hair. 13, 17, 16, and 18 kibbies, respectively.
Click here for a small version of the Slash-form red-hair Shizu-face pic, only 4.5 kibbies.

Personally, I recommend a pic of Shizu perorming his win pose against a black background, for only 8.1 kibbs. (Trust me, folks, it's a lot cooler then I'm describing it. ^_^)

From Aerith Innovations comes a lovely little animated GIF of Shizu performing his Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer! Very high quality. 39 kibbs.

From the Samurai Shodown Sprite Gallery comes a whole pile of pics. There's a pic of his SS3 Slash victory screen for 16 kibbies. There's a pic of him at the prefight screen for 4 kilobytes. Or: there's his SS3 battle stance, 2 kibbs; another pic of his battle stance, also 2 kilos; or there's his SS3 pre-fight stance, which is, again, 2 kibbies. (I didn't even think there WERE any more Shizu pictures LEFT on the net. Ha, ha. Silly me. ;p)

*NEW* From Sham Bun's, it's a scan from Neo Geo Freak of a young Shizu sitting around looking cute, for 35 kibbies. WARNING: This pic is life-threateningly cute. It will rot your teeth, your eyes, your brain, your guts, and any pets you might have. View with caution. ;)


Wanna know how to pronounce Shizumaru's name? Click here to find out! Only 23 kibbs.

Hear Shizu speak to us, the unworthy masses, by clicking here! Only 17.2 kibbies! What is he saying? Hell, I don't know. But isn't it great?!? ^_^
THIS JUST IN: In an email sent to me, that is I, the MultiMediocre Knight, tells me that Shizu is saying "Honki de uki yo", which means, not literally, "I'm going all-out!". Thanks, LilShizu!