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Links involving Shizumaru Central
Or, "thank God it's got exits". ;)

Well, here are the links to all the places that helped in the making of this place. In other words, BLAME THEM, BLAME THEM, NOT ME, BLAME THEM! ;)
First off,, for the FAQs which gave me, oh, about a frickin' HALF of my information...

LemonQuango at the Recovery Room gave(sort of ^_-) me the animated GIFs of Haohmaru and Hanzo which are found on the history page.

Chika, of Chika's King of Fighters Zone, let me use her picture of everyone's favorite Amnesiac Demon Chaser, even though, yes, it is a very unKOFlike picture. Thanks, Chika!

Genjuro versus Tetris was blatently stolen from the Video Game Humor Home Page, which, by the way, I recommend for you to visit. ;)

And of course, I'd feel pretty stupid if I didn't add the link to Samurai Shodown Forever, which also helped me out a lot. (Unknowingly. ;))

Also, contractual agreement means I have to add links to FastCounter and BeSeen here. *shrug*

Finally, I'll put a link to my Church of Kaphwan and the MultiMediocre Page here, just because I can, ha ha. ;)